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Evie Salerno

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psychic medium event:

Group reading:

All group readings are now sold out through February and March.

Email for information on a private group reading in your own home.



My name is Evie Salerno and I am a Psychic Medium, certified Reiki Master and Meditation coach.


I am a voice actor recording the audiobooks for "Jara: Quest for the dagger of Nystia" & "Jara: Prophecy of the Gods."


I am also the creator of "The Stress Drop." Visit for the most wonderful anxiety relief tool.

A lavender scented pillow and when placed directly on the pressure point in the center your sternum and combining the heat and lavender aspect, the stress drop eliminates panic/anxiety attacks & insomnia immediately. This is because it balances all your chakras, grounds you and brings your mind back to focus. The heat and lavender smell brings all the calm and warmth you need to feel comforted and relaxed. A must have device for the stress of our everyday lives. 

My goal has always been to bring balance, peace and joy to the people in my community and worldwide through my youtube channel and in person.


One hour Reiki session $80

One hour medium reading individual $80

Group medium reading $35 a person, up to 8 people and a minimum of 3 people.

I will travel to you for all sessions, if you are too far I can do your session virtually.

Some kind and wonderful ladies I was able to connect with for messages.


To Book me for an event GET IN ToUCH!

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